Commencing January 2019 

200 HR Yoga Teacher Training course in Hull, East Yorkshire

Amiyoga Yoga teacher training course with Ann-Marie Mainprize is accreditied by Yoga Alliance to empower and train dedicated yoga practitioners to teach with confidence, knowledge and safety and to provide variations to suit all levels of practice and health issues. This course presents a strong foundation in the principles of teaching Hatha and Vinyasa yoga in a safe and effective manner with a strong emphasis on

Alignment, Anatomy and Yoga Therapy.

This course consists of 24 tuition days over 11 months and includes the following areas of study ~

Practice of Yoga

Surya / Chandra Namskara (Sun and Moon Salutations)

• 120 + Yoga Asana's and Yoga Therapy Techniques (Seated, Standing, Inversions, Backbends,    balancing Postures)

Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga

• Adjustments (Passive, resistive and Thai yoga) 

• Alignment awareness Encouraging and recognising Asana postural habits using The    

  Alexander technique

• Intelligent Sequencing

• Major Yogic Breathing Techniques​

• Yoga Therapy Pranayama benefits

• Breath ratios


• Connect to your brainwaves

• Discover your inner stillness

• Buddhist Meditation techniques​​

​• Chakra balancing, Clarity, Gratitude, Mindfulness, Mudras and Mantra


• Savasana Practice - Variations for health issues

• Assisted Savasana for tension release

• Relaxation techniques

• Connect to yoga nidra


• Practice Yogic Cleansing Techniques

• Therapeutic benefits to yoga practice


Discover Anatomy

​​• Functional Anatomy and Physiology - Skeletal, Muscular, Nervous, Respiratory, Circulation,  

   Urinary, Endocrine, Reproductive, Digestive and Lymph Systems

​• Subtle Anatomy - Banda's, Nadi's, Vagu's, Chakra's 

Applied Anatomy and Yoga

• Managing Common health and medical issues within a yoga group

​• Benefits and Contra-indications

​• Modifications and Preventing injury

​• Health Consultations and initial assessments

​• Yoga Therapy for Health Issues - Back Pain, Sciatica, Injuries, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, 

  Neck, shoulder, hip and issues, Hormonal issues and headaches

Yoga Therapy


Yogic Mind

History of Yoga

​Yoga Philosophy - Patanjali's Yoga Sutra's and Eight Limbs of Yoga

Develop your ethics and Yoga as a way of life

Connect to your Authentic Style of Practice

Yoga Teaching
Teaching methodology - How to teach effectively using demonstration and verbal cues

Effective adjustments 

Student and teacher relationship, professionalism and ethics

Teaching styles

​Plan and teach micro lessons within the course setting

​Sanskrit Pronunciation

Develop your Authentic Voice

​Effective Lesson Planning to meet individual needs

Teaching One to one, groups, workshops and retreats

​Your Yoga Business

Your responsibility

Marketing yourself

Ethics of yoga as a business

​Establish yourself

Future Opportunities

​Tools to connect - Social media, websites, newsletters

Throughout this course you will be encouraged to develop and record your personal  

practice, observe other yoga teachers and attend classes/events to assist Ann-MarieMainprize

Course dates

This course consists of 24 tuition weekend dates over 12 modules- 

20th/21st January - 17th/18th February - 24th/25th March - 14th/15th April

12th/13th May - 9th/10th June - 7th/8th July - 4th/5th August - 8th/9th September

6th/7th October - 3rd/4th November - 1st/2nd December

​Course fees

Total course cost is £2500 (Payments can be made using the Amiyoga interest free payment plan) and includes-
24 Teacher training days with Ann-Marie Mainprize
Functional Anatomy and physiology handbook
Yoga teacher training Course manual

Opportunity to assist Ann-Marie Mainprize at Manchester Om Yoga show, Retreats, events and Festivals.

Teacher trainee membership and insurance with Yoga Alliance Professionals which covers you to teach 2 classes per week during your teacher training course.

Amiyoga teacher training has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance UK, demonstrating that this course is of the highest standards.  Upon qualifying trainees will receive the Amiyoga teacher training certificate certified by Yoga Alliance and our graduates may use the title Registered Yoga teacher 200RYT as a sign of quality training when they upgrade membership with Yoga Alliance UK

This accreditation is an internationally recognised qualification allowing you teach yoga world wide

for enquiries 07791172539