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​​"Before embarking on this exciting, wonderful adventure known as a yoga teacher training course, excited was not the word I would have used to describe how I was feeling. Instead I was nervous and apprehensive about what lay ahead. Would it be right for me ? Am I going to learn anything, let alone  everything ?
But 5 seconds into the first weekend I knew it was going to be one of the best things I have done so far.  Ann-Marie is a brilliant, loving, kind teacher who brings out the best in me as her student. 
I have met so many fantastic people who all help each other to learn and grow as we go through the course together.
So far I have learnt about the body and its functions ( muscles, skeleton, respiratory system etc ), asana principles, breathing techniques, principles of yoga. There's so much that we have covered it really is amazing.
The course has transformed my practice, as I use my knowledge to make it stronger, learning to use my intuition to help my body. I've become more passionate about what I'm learning, even giving my knowledge to my children as we practice yoga and breathing together.
I am so grateful to have been given a place on this course at this point in my life. It is perfect.
Thank you and Namaste to Ann-Marie for allowing me to shine" xx  

J. Wall 2016

"I would wholeheartedly recommend the Amiyoga Teacher Training for anyone wishing to train as a yoga teacher. I spent over a year looking for the right course, from year-long courses, intensives, two-year courses etc. the list is endless, so many options and it is vital you get it right. 
When I met Ann Marie I knew this course was right for me. She is so unbelievably knowledgeable and experienced, I knew I would learn a great deal from her course and be confident in my own teaching on completion.
Ann Marie is a fantastic teacher, warm, charismatic and compassionate, she teaches with such passion it is infectious. She is incredibly supportive and really brings out the best in people!

The course content is everything I was looking for in a training course to enable me to become a competent teacher. I find I am learning so much and whats more, I am retaining the information. The syllabus is in depth, varied and contains so much key information, it is incredibly well structured.
I am so happy I made the decision to study with Ann Marie. She is a rare find, a genuinely brilliant teacher. I feel blessed to have been able to train with her"  

M. Hudson 2016

“The Yoga teacher training so far has been an amazing experience, totally much more than just yoga training.  Every month it surprises me how much I learn about detailed anatomy of the body, yoga techniques, physical postures, breathing techniques, teaching methods (I could go on..) but also we learn about ourselves. Everyone in the group is so warm, positive and friendly.  We learn how to be compassionate to ourselves, to others, to be a better human being and to feel like we are “awesome”! It’s fun, exciting, moving, challenging and life changing. Ann-Marie’s passion and knowledge of yoga shines through and she passes on how to deal with the daily struggles of life with grace, kindness, clarity and courage. For me thats what yogas about and what we want to share as we become teachers.
The course is unique due to Ann Marie’s great knowledge and experience of a wide range of yoga styles and anatomy, but also due to the practical way of learning encompassing all learning styles and senses. I love this style of learning! Its always hands on, we “feel” the postures and the techniques, muscles and anatomy helping it all to sink in. She enables her students to retain all the knowledge through experiences. Ann-Marie also encourages us to question and to be original and creative in our own journey into Yoga teaching but with always a focus on anatomy and Yoga as therapy.  She is an amazing and caring teacher.
Its an awesome experience that makes everyone involved “sparkle”! “

S. Walker

"We are now 5 months into the teacher training and I can’t believe how quickly the time is going and how much knowledge I have gained and retained so far. Ann-Marie is a very compassionate, patient, knowledgeable teacher who is very passionate about all aspects of yoga and functional anatomy. The course is very well presented and thought out, and I know from talking to other yoga teachers/students that we are covering so much more than on other teacher training courses.
Ann-Marie ensures she is giving time to all her students individually and is very encouraging, which has helping build up my confidence and self-belief. I am enjoying this course so much I really don’t want it to end………I have visions of being Amiyoga’s eternal yoga student!!"

C. Harrison-Walker